vada pav girl viral video : पुलिस वालों ने पकड़ा बड़ा पाव वाली लड़की को, देखिए पूरा वीडियो

vada pav girl viral video : Vada Pav Girl Viral video: Social Media has proven to be a boon for those who didn’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent on the right platform. Whether it’s Bhuvan Bam or Ranu Mandal, they have become overnight sensations through social media.

vada pav girl viral video
vada pav girl viral video

Currently, a girl selling vada pav in Delhi has become famous everywhere. The lines at her vada pav stall are so long that it becomes difficult to manage the customers. Almost every day, videos of the Vada Pav Girl gather attention. However, this time the Vada Pav Girl is going viral on social media for a different reason. And the reason is her fight on the street.

The Fight of Vada Pav Girl: Vada Pav Girl Viral video

In the viral video circulating on social media, we can see the Vada Pav Girl sitting on a scooter, and her mother-in-law appears to be arguing with someone.

Many people have gathered around them. Everyone seems to be recording videos on their mobile phones. After a while, as the scooter moves forward, the situation worsens.

Who is the Vada Pav Girl:

A woman selling Mumbai-style delicious vada pav in Delhi is becoming quite viral. No matter which social media platform you check, her videos are everywhere. In some videos, she is seen crying, while in others, she narrates her story.

This woman runs this business with her husband. In some videos, it can be seen that after her videos went viral, there were long lines of people at her stall. Multiple lines were formed simultaneously. People even wait for hours to eat vada pav. This woman’s name is Chandrika Gera Dixit. She used to work at Haldiram’s before.

She says that her son’s health was not good, which forced her to quit her job. Both husband and wife left their jobs and started a vada pav stall. She says that cooking was her passion, which she turned into a business.

She says that in Delhi, most people make tikka under the name of vada pav. But she prepares it in Mumbai style. Chandrika says that she is originally from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and is giving the people of Delhi the taste of Mumbai.

Vada Pav Girl Viral video

Her videos have been going viral for the past few days. In one video, she is seen crying. She says that there is an attempt to remove her stall. While in another video, she gets annoyed with the crowd. So many people come to buy vada pav that the road gets jammed.

She herself says that people stand in line for hours to buy her vada pav. However, some people on social media say that if it were a man instead of her, there wouldn’t be such long lines of people at the stall.

What’s Special About Vada Pav:

Chandrika, who has outshone big actresses in beauty, revealed that while people in Delhi usually serve vada pav with tikka, I serve Mumbai’s traditional style vada pav, which is why people prefer it. Chandrika herself makes these vada pavs and gives Delhiites the taste of Mumbai.

Where does she set up her stall in Delhi?

She sells them with her husband at a stall near Sainik Vihar, Kesav Vidyalaya. Chandrika’s homemade vada pav is so delicious that people wait for an hour and a half to get their turn. The regular vada pav at her stall costs only 40 rupees, while the special vada pav goes up to 70 rupees.

Why was Vada Pav Sold with Tears?

Some videos of the Vada Pav Girl are going viral on social media, in which Chandrika, while making vada pav, is seen sobbing. The video of the crying Vada Pav Girl has grabbed everyone’s attention. In reality, Chandrika Dixit, where she sets up her stall, the officials of the MCD are trying to close down her shop. The MCD is attempting to remove her food stall from there.

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